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Help us fill our garden of hope!

With every $100 raised, a student will put up a flower in our "Garden of Hope"!


This May in honour of Mother’s Day, our goal is to raise funds to continue to support our school and group home. Our biggest challenge has been to meet our basic monthly needs. Our monthly operating budget is $2,600. We currently have $1,100 in monthly support, meaning we run a deficit of $1,500/month.

We hope to raise $3000 by May 29th, Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic.

Visit our facebook page to see the garden grow!

Collège Amélioration Jeunesse started out as a dream by founder Katelyn Bateman after she saw the desperate situation many street children were living in. After taking frequent vacations to Puerto Plata, she knew that she had to do more than just watch as the children who stole her heart grew up destined for a future full of hardship. Our school opened it’s doors in 2012, serving Haitian youth living in Puerto Plata. We run from pre-school to grade five, serving over one hundred children.

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**With a donation of $100, you can 'plant' a flower in Garden of Hope, in honour a loved one for Mother's Day!

Contact us to let us know who you would like to dedicate your flower to.**

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